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Left to right: Ashley Thomas, Arron Kepler, Nathan Summers, Kallisto Summers, Mium Efiate, Naomi Atarah, Ila, Peter Kepler, Miko, Mione, Amy Selah, Tyler Weber, Maia Ethi, Magnolia Dai, Lisa, ??, Arkady Arduni, Camilla Canthi, Ashian Canthi.

Main Characters

Secondary Characters

Supporting Cast Members

  • Acalia. A mage associated with the rogue families and PACT.
  • Akatmar Shemoki. The elderly head of the Shemoki family.
  • Ann Rillion. Member of IDS Corporate Affairs. Enforcement Agent.
  • Antar. A brutish looking man from Central, who works for the IDS Headquarters division, sent to Palindra to assist Nelson Otte as needed.
  • Arkady Arduni. A student at Levenworth. Member of the Families. Friendly.
  • Artem Arduni. Arkady's younger brother.
  • Ashian Canthi. The younger brother of Camilla; current heir to the Canthi Family. A powerful but inexperienced mage.
  • Ashley Thomas. An IDS Analyst working for Arron Kepler. Shares living space with Nathan Summers.
  • Ashvalt Arduni. Arkady's father, head of the Arduni family.
  • Atter. A mage that works for Sophie.
  • Biana Beyer. The Director of the Corporate Affairs branch local to the story.
  • Camilla Canthi. The young head of the Canthi Family, and one of the most powerful mages in Malsa. Serves and protects the Consul, and is frequently found at her side. Sometimes referred to as the Doll of Destruction for her enormous destructive power from a young age and past incidents.
  • David. One of Sophie's employees. IDS Situation Containment.
  • Dendrin. A suspect looking bearded individual, usually seen smoking a cigarette, wearing a dark coat and a hat. Has a history with the Vagabond (Tom) and the Warden (Nathan).
  • Doctor Mir. A scientist at Avon, with a rather non-human appearance.
  • Don. A green haired member of Rovak's squad, uses an autocaster.
  • Elizabeth. An Mage work works for Sophie. A witch.
  • Elmon Kafari. The head of the Kafari family. Generally viewed as a rogue family.
  • Emmi Esk. An IDS Enforcement Agent. Friend of Kallisto Summers. Likely deceased.
  • Evan Farschel. Sr. Vice President of Egenus.
  • Gate. A researcher who works for Dr. Mir. Possible a cyborg or prototype. Unconfirmed, but his name could be read as G-8.
  • Gelon Level. A member of Malsa's bureau, a data security analyst.
  • Ikirium Avon. The Young CEO of Avon. Somehow inherited the position.
  • Jayce Myer. A member of Avon's black ops agents. More competent then most, able to take down lesser members of Rovak's squad, and giving even Rovak a pause.
  • Joid Isiam. A member of Malsa's bureau, an "Infiltration Expert"; likely a spy or analyst of some sort.
  • Kardus Velzor. An Orish Warmage.
  • Karov. An IDS Central Military regional commander. Abdicated his responsibility to avoid having to deal with the Malsan rebellion, leaving Ricci in charge.
  • Kurun. Member of IDS Situation Containment (Monster Hunter).
  • Korbin. Member of IDS Situation Containment.
  • Kyston. Sergeant of IDS Situation Containment (Monster Hunter).
  • Kokato. President Kokato. The President of Arpon.
  • Kyle Kepler. Peter's father a high ranking member of the Civil Service on Central.
  • Lisa. A student at Levenworth, friend of Naomi. Likely a member of the MSB assigned to spy on Naomi, but neither of them seem to take that too seriously.
  • Maia Ethi. A student at Levenworth, and friend of Magnolia Dai. Can fly (at least briefly) using an autocaster, and tends to talk a lot.
  • Magnolia Dai. A student at Levenworth. Seems to be blind, but has the ability to "see" via Eidos, including through walls and great distance (such as sensing someone climbing down the outside of the the building). Mysterious.
  • Marc Idunni. A rogue family loyalist. Not main branch member.
  • Mari Kepler. Peter's Sister, and a teacher on Central.
  • Martin. Doctor Martin. An enigma who may be the creator of the M.Y.M. SMAI.
  • Mika. A squadmate of Rovak's.
  • Mione. A student at Levenworth. Friend of Naomi. Member of the Magical Security Branch.
  • Nathan Summers. An IDS Special Agent. Brother of Kallisto Summers. Warden of Ervon, Carrier of the Fanciest Stick.
  • Nelson Otte. An IDS Regional Observer belonging to IDS Central. Father of Nick Otte.
  • Nick Otte. An IDS Special Agent belonging to IDS Central.
  • Regin Enkari. Head of the Enkari family.
  • Ricci. Colonel Rici. And IDS Central Military colonel. Has some history with Arron Kepler.
  • Rick. A solider working for Corporate Affairs. A former comrade of Arron Kepler.
  • Ryan. Kyle Kepler's body guard.
  • Saria. Ryn's secretary, who he holds in high regard. She is diligent and rule oriented, even in the face of absurdity (saying she would file an HR complaint against Mir when Mir was threatening to kill contractors).
  • Semar Lot. A staff member or teacher at Levenworth. Greets Peter on his arrival.
  • Sophie. The Director of the Situation Containment branch local to the story.
  • Sparrow. And IDS mage in charge of magical support for and IDS Dropship. Unusually pragmatic, as he instantly surrenders when he realizes Jayce has already taken out his boss and all the guards in the drop ship.
  • Tamara Anseli. A hacker hired by Avon, was later hired by Malsa.
  • Tom. An IDS Special Agent. Carries a crowbar, and is a master of Ellipses.
  • Tokiwa. One of Sophie's employees.
  • Toshe. An IDS Agent. The only one of Nick Otte's agents to not get beat up by Naomi in their original encounter, though mostly by coincidence.
  • Varkim. A senior adviser to the Consul of Malsa.
  • Vera. Green haired news anchor.
  • Vicksberg. An student of Mari's.
  • Yoav Cao. Tyler's boss (or perhaps senior peer) at the Bureau.

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