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Welcome to the Far Side of Utopia wiki.

This is a hub for information on The Far Side of Utopia webcomic! It is extremely implausible you have gotten here without know what that is is, but just in case... you can read it here!

Disclaimer! This wiki contains reader-contributed content. This should be interpretated to mean that it includes spoilers up to the most recent page, theories of varied substantiation, and content that may not be moderated. Reader discretion is advised.

Main Characters

Secondary Characters

  • Miko
  • Amy Selah
  • Ikirium Avon
  • Doctor Mir
  • Rovak Stas
  • Kyle Kepler
  • Tamara

Supporting Characters

  • Tom. An IDS Special Agent. Carries a crowbar, and is a master of Ellipses.
  • Nathan Summers. An IDS Special Agent. Brother of Kallisto Summers. Warden of Ervon, Carrier of the Fanciest Stick.
  • Emmi Esk. An IDS Enforcement Agent. Friend of Kallisto Summers. Likely deceased.
  • Mione. A student at Levenworth. Friend of Naomi. Member of the Magical Security Branch.
  • Maia Ethi. A student at Levenworth, and friend of Magnolia Dai. Can fly using an autocaster, and tends to talk a lot.
  • Magnolia Dai. A student at Levenworth. Seems to be blind, but has the ability to "see" via Eidos, including through walls and great distance (such as sensing someone climbing down the outside of the the building). Mysterious.
  • Marc Idunni. A rogue family loyalist. Not main branch member.
  • Lisa. A student at Levenworth, friend of Naomi. Likely a member of the MSB assigned to spy on Naomi, but neither of them seem to take that too seriously.
  • Arkady. A student at Levenworth. Member of the Families. Friendly.
  • Tokiwa.
  • David.
  • Sophie.
  • Biana.
  • Atter.

World Information

Setting Information