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{{CharacterInfo | File:NaomiTestImage.PNG | Naomi Atarah | Peter | Malsa | [[http://pastutopia.com/?comic=comic-003]]}}
=Naomi Atarah=
=Naomi Atarah=

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Naomi Atarah
Affiliation: Peter
Nationality: Malsa
First Appearance: [[1]]

Naomi Atarah

An enthusiastic girl whose stated intention is to save the world. Blessed with a excess of raw magical power, she seems to be an innate “booster”, but lacks the ability to calculate complex spells.

Once a self-proclaimed Hero Without a Cause, she found a Cause now working with Peter, though one can only wonder if she truly knows what she’s involved in.

Relentlessly active, she’s rarely still for long. Some say that when she faces a challenge, she seems to enjoy overcoming it just a little too much…