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Peter Kepler
Affiliation: Central
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Peter Kepler is the main character, and the impetus behind many of the events set it motion during the comic. A former IDS Investigator, his return after having dropped off the radar with his defection is what sets the events of the plot in motion. Peter Kepler is from a World known as Central.


Little is known of Peter's early background, beyond that he was enrolled in a program for the Civil Service, before parting ways with the program and joining the IDS.

Peter worked at the IDS as an investigator with his partner, Kallisto Summers on the world Palindra.

Peter has resurfaced in the company of Naomi Atarah and MYM F8. While his overall plans have yet to be revealed, he has actively integrated himself into the country of Malsa.


Powers & Abilities

Peter has shown little in the way of magically talent, but his main strengths lay in his extensive preparation. Peter has been shown to be exceedingly clever and manipulative, and leverages prodigious skill with computers and the loyal of the Self Modifying Artifical Intelligence MYM manipulate the information available to others, as well as stay informed.


  • Kally. Peter was previously in a relationship with Kally, and they remain in an odd status quo. She took it very poorly that he defected without telling her what he was doing, and that he still hasn't given a suitable explanation. Kally is one on the few individuals that Peter has been shown to actively care about, expressing genuine concern when she was abducted, and temporarily unleashing enomorous processing power on MYM to discover where she had been taken.
  • Naomi. Peter and Naomi's relationship is cordial, though the details of why they work together are unclear.
  • MYM.
  • Query.
  • Miko.

First Appearance

Peter first appeared very early on, [| appearing on the 3rd page ].