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Peter Kepler
Affiliation: Peter
Nationality: Central
First Appearance: [10/13/2014]
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Peter Kepler is the main character, and the impetus behind many of the events set it motion during the comic. A former IDS Investigator, his return after having dropped off the radar with his defection is what sets the events of the plot in motion. Peter Kepler is from a World known as Central.


Little is publicly known of Peter's early background beyond that he is the son of Kyle Kepler, a powerful member of the Civil Service, and his uncle is the decorated war hero Arron Kepler, who is now a director for the Criminal Investigations branch of the IDS. As a young man he was enrolled in a program for the Civil Service, before parting ways with the program and joining the IDS, before going rogue and disappearing completely for some time.

Those with more information know that Peter worked at the IDS as an investigator with his partner, Kallisto Summers on the world Palindra. His full background is cause for much speculation as most of his file is both redacted and classified while the stories about him that can be confirmed true near the unbelievable. As an example in one case where Peter was locked in a cell he reportedly "got bored" and just left after less than a day, leaving behind a forwarding address.

Peter has resurfaced in the company of Naomi Atarah and MYM F8. While his overall plans have yet to be revealed, he has actively integrated himself into the country of Malsa.


Peter appears to be excessively honest for a Great Manipulator. However, he does a fair amount of information curation. If he gives you a straight answer that completely covers the question that you asked him, you can be fairly certain that you asked the wrong question.

That said, he seems to be a friendly sort of introvert. He is not reluctant to go into public places when he feels a need to do so, but he tends to not really connect with people. His speech patterns strike most people as off as well. Another oddity of Peter as a Great Manipulator is the degree to which he talks about manipulating people in front of people he's manipulating. This could be a case of him adjusting the stage to one that he can more easily predict.

He seems most comfortable with the various incarnations of the Self Modifying Artifical Intelligence that started as Query, and currently walks around as the characters Mium Efiate and Mium F5. Unlike most creators of artificial intelligences, he treats Mium/Query/M.Y.M. as a person.

It has been noted that Peter seems less likely to pass a Turing test than Mium. Considering that his initial reason for making Query was to try to understand people better, this seems reasonable.

Powers & Abilities

Peter has shown little in the way of magically talent, but his main strengths lay in his extensive preparation. Peter has been shown to be exceedingly clever and manipulative, and leverages prodigious skill with computers and the loyal of the Self Modifying Artifical Intelligence MYM manipulate the information available to others, as well as stay informed.

With the assistance of autocaster magical devices, Peter has twice been shown to be able project a illusionary image of himself, something like a hologram. The only time he used one to actively communicate, it required both Naomi and an Eidos Card to assist the process, but another one played what appeared to be a prerecorded message before detonating without seeming to require any additional input from him.

Peter has repeatedly proven nearly impossible to track or follow when he doesn't want to, leading some to speculate that he may share (at least in part) his uncle's ability to use Ellipses


  • Kally. Peter was previously in a relationship with Kally, and they remain in an odd status quo. She took it very poorly that he defected without telling her what he was doing, and that he still hasn't given a suitable explanation. Kally is one on the few individuals that Peter has been shown to actively care about, expressing genuine concern when she was abducted, and temporarily unleashing enomorous processing power on MYM to discover where she had been taken.
  • Naomi. Peter and Naomi's relationship is cordial, though the details of why they work together are unclear.
  • Kyle, Peter's father. I do not believe they have talked so far in the main comic (as of chapter 13), but Kyle appears to be proud of Peter, and willing to trust him for the most part. He is at least willing to play the role that Peter has for him.
  • Nathan. As the brother of the woman Peter left, Nathan seems a bit extra suspicious of Peter. The two appear to be quite wary of each other, each considering the other "too much to deal with given what I have on my plate right now.
  • Tyler has learned to respect Peter. Has Peter learned to respect Tyler? It's hard to tell. Peter at least sees Tyler as useful, but he hasn't really accepted in into his inner circle.
  • Mir hates Peter with a passion like few are capable of. It was almost like she was Dr. Martin's up and coming assistant until Peter came along and ruined everything. While Peter doesn't seem capable of returning that emotion, he does what he can.
  • Biana and Sophie seem to act like Peter is their greatest enemy. Biana even went so far as to become that which her entire organization was created to block in order to make an attempt to strike Peter down. Unfortunately for her, he had already become more powerful than she can imagine. Or, at least, has a friend who is.

First Appearance

Peter first appeared very early on, appearing on the 3rd page.