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Present Tom

Panel 1: Tom, orangeish-brown hair, blue eyes, scruffy not quite beard, brown hoodie, holes and patches not depicted.


Past Tom

Panel 2: Tom, orange hair, thin well groomed underbeard, blue shirt, 4 holes (specifically, neck, arm, arm, waist).

Kalisto Summers, bubble spread over both panel 1 and panel 2

... Don't think I don't recognize you just because you look like you've taken to sleeping in a boxcar.

Panel 3: Arron Kepler, face and shoulders, blue shirt, tie covered by speech bubble.


Enough, Kally. Tom was asked to be here as Nathan is busy.

Panel 4: Arron Kepler, face and shoulders, blue shirt, tie covered by speech bubble. Surprisingly redrawn considering that only his shadows and eye focus seem to have changed much.


Since they are working together, he can update Nathan on this meeting.

Panel 5: Kalisto, hair to nose. Tom, face and shoulders.

Arron from Panel 4:

As you all know, I believe in keeping the people who are taking risks in the field informed, and on that note, there is something important to share.

Panel 6: A picture of two planets catastrophically close together, but clearly just to save on screen real estate. At the point where each planet is closest to the other, there's a white cloud, and white and pink streamers connect the two clouds.

Arron from Panel 4:

You are familiar with what a bridgepoint is.

Unknown person, but the bubble isn't connected with Arron's quote, so probably not him.

It was with one of these stable transdimensional gates to our world that Kor's World was able to launch their invasion.