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Panel 1: Arron Kepler, face to waist. He looks annoyed.


Headquarters has been researching the Bridgepoint since the foundation of the I.D.S. Understanding it was believed to be important to understanding the nature of linked worlds.
The good news is they made several breakthroughs, that while not necessarily an understanding, made them believe they could recreate the portal, though they have no intention of doing so.
The bad news is that research data was stolen, and we may now have a new most critical case on our hands.

Panel 2: Kalisto Summers face and shoulders. She looks worried.


How was it stolen?

Panel 3: Arron, looking concerned. He's looking at Kally, but hasn't moved his head.


That really is the question, isn't it? Though perhaps "copied" would be more accurate. We still have it. It's just that someone else does, too.

Panel 4: Arron, back to annoyed. Face and shoulders.

Arron from Panel 3:

We have a lot of important cases underway. I can't tell you to drop everything, but this is all hands on deck.

Panel 5: A disorganized heap of documents, top view.

Arron from Panel 3:

We need answers. Who did it? How did they do it? Why did they do it? Obviously all the branches of Criminal Investigations are on this, and I will pass along updates.