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Panel 1: Grey haired person with a modified Bart Simpson hairdo from behind, wearing an indigo blazer, gray pants, and carrying something dangling from a double-connected strap. That could be a purse, but most of it is beyond the panel boundary. In front of that person, Kalisto Summers from behind, wearing a red long-sleeved top, dark gray skirt, medium-dark gray leggings, and red-topped, white soled shoes. In front of Kalisto is an individual with mid-back length orange hair in a light blue long-sleeved shirt, light gray pants, and a bag carried with a strap over the shoulder. This individual is reaching out to a white space beside a closed double-door with a handle or push plate on each door.


Hey Peter, before you go, take a look at this.

Panel 2: Kalisto, face to feet. The orange haired individual from Panel 1. The right half of a person with green hair, a pink top, light beige pants, and indigo shoes. All of these individuals are just outside an open doorway, with no doors apparent. If it's the same doorway as before, the doors apparently slid to the side. The third individual is mostly obscured by the right side of the doorway, though there is no obvious explanation for their missing right arm. It's possible they're just at an angle it's not visible, or they may be shy at least one arm.


What's up?

Panel 3: Kalisto from behind, head to hair ends. The only other people evident in this panel are uncolored blobs, so probably nobody important.


Someone tagged as IDS... Wait, that's your girlfriend, isn't it?

Panel 4: Kalisto from rear profile, right side. She's holding up a white rectangle with her left hand, in front of a device on her right with a white box, a couple of buttons, and a grill. More of the device is cut off by the panel border. There is a closed door with a horizontal bar turn handle to the left of this device.


Uhh... Hmmmm. Pretty sure it's ex-girlfriend now.

Panel 5: Kalisto's right hand, index finger extended, to press the center of the three buttons on the device previously mentioned. The fingernail appears to have pink fingernail polish.


So... you going to answer?

Panel 6: Peter Kepler, face to mid thigh, green polo, panel border gray pants. His left arm has suffered sudden onset dwarfism, and is raised to scratch his head. His right arm is at his side, and has not been affected. Naomi is sitting on a chair beside him, wearing a vivid blue outfit that's either a one-piece, or matches remarkably well. It appears to be a tank top and mid-thigh shorts. Her left leg is bent to rest her right foot on the edge of the chair, because Past Utopia's restless characters refuse to give him easy poses to draw.


Hmm... Nah. I'm off.