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Panel 1: The Consul, from behind, head to mid forearms, in a blue suit, Yoav Cao, face to knees, blue suit coat, blue suit pants, baby blue suit shirt, red tie. His left arm is hanging straight down. His right arm is bent at the elbow in a manner that seems a bit unusual, until one thinks about the positions the arm goes through after a salute in the process of returning to the side. They're in a hallway with similar decor to the consul's office. They're by a door.


I hope I didn't make you wait, Yoav.


Not at all, Madame Consul.

Panel 2: Yoav in profile, head to mid-biceps.


I do hope that I can be of service... I have gathered a selection of experts in digital security and intelligence...
... but I do confess that I am not sure what you had in mind from your request.

Panel 3: The door has been opened, and Yoav is leading the way in.


Please, right this way. I will introduce you and perhaps you can elaborate.
as you've asked...

Panel 4: Panoramic conference room view. Left to right: Introducing Gelon Lebel, head to waist, black hared, brown eyed man, black suit, white dress shirt, light blue tie. Introducing Joid Isiam, head to waist, India green hair, India green eyes man, tan skin, black priest suit no white collar bit. The Consul from behind. M.Y.M. in a desktop computer, connected to an overhead projector as its display. Tamara Anseli (Teal hair and eyes woman) head to upper thighs, in a blue suit and white shirt; she's leaning back in her chair and has slid her chair a bit away from the table. Yoav, head to waist.


We have provided an absolutely clean and secure machine, and these are three of our best specialists... This here is Tamara Anseli, a recent addition to our team...
Across the table we have Joid Isiam, an infiltration expert...
And Gelon Lebel, a data security analyst... Perhaps you can... tell us how we can serve you?

Panel 5: The Consul, face to collar.


Well, perhaps it is easier if I can show you... it will probably skip some steps...
M.Y.M., please download yourself and activate on this computer system, I have some questions.

Panel 6: Joid, face to mid biceps, Gelom, face to mid biceps.


Ah... Madame Consul... This system is, ah, rather intentionally not hooked into the network...


Or configured for voice input, so-

Panel 7: The projector screen, displaying Query's symbol and "loading..."

Panel 8: Joid, forehead to lower bicep insertion, looking surprised.



Panel 9: The Consul, standing, face to hips. Blue suit jacket, dark gray dress shirt, black tie.


As I said, simply showing you probably skips the steps where you say tedious things like "impossible" and so on and so forth.
We have something that is somewhere between the biggest data breach ever and an opportunity, but I need to know how it... works... Like how did it-ah... he- do that?

Panel 10: Tamara, front, head to mid biceps.


I don't think he did. I have researched this entity quite a bit, and have observed it sending humans in to connect it to systems it needed access to, which doesn't make sense if it could do that.
Though we are looking at a counter example... Hmmm... Troubling... Unless... How did we clean the system he just installed on?

Panel 11: The projector screen, the query logo still showing.


As astute as ever, Miss Porpita. Based on my analysis of the consul's meeting invite I determined that this sort of demonstration was likely to be requested.
As I have been asked to assist you with minor requests, I changed the bureau machine labeling database so that a machine with networking capabilities was selected instead, and pre-installed systems during the drive flash to ensure I could comply with your request.