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Panel 1: Naomi Atarah forehead to underarms, looking suddenly lost or out of her depth.


He- What? But I don't-... I mean...
He would?

Panel 2: Peter Kepler, head and some collar, front.


Why not?

Panel 3: Mium F5, head turned to the left, and the back of his shoulders. His expression is pretty blank but possibly interested.

Panel 4: Naomi, head to underarms, looking shy.


But then- Ah...

Panel 5: Peter, head to mid-thighs, front, Levenworth blazer on his left shoulder, wearing a rumpled rest of a Levenworth uniform. His right hand didn't quite make the panel, due to his word bubbles shoving him towards our left.


Mium might be your friend, Naomi, but he's also one of the most powerful entities on this world.
The fact that he will listen to what you want probably makes you the most influential Malsan alive.
If you want to use that power to help your country, I'm not going to interfere, but it's not what I'm here for.

Panel 6: Naomi, head to her forearms, which are crossed just under her breasts in a supportive manner. Her left side has been shoved slightly off panel by her word bubbles.


I'm not trying to... You're trying to make me realize some point about me being naive, aren't you?
But I just want to make sure people don't get killed.
You would have Mium protect me, or Kally, or especially Miko in this circumstance, right?

Panel 7: Peter, head to mid forearm, right 2/5ths


There are causes for which I would burn a nation to ash without a second thought. I don't think comparing yourself to me is going to help you make a decision.
And yes, I do think trying to keep people who are currently part of an armed force occupying another nation safe is naive...
... but that's really not the point.

Panel 8: Naomi, face.


It's not that simple. Maybe Arpon didn't invade, but you're the one that showed they were plotting against us... well, Malsa.

Panel 9: Naomi, head to mid-biceps. She looks as if she's realizing something she finds burdensome.


I get it would be ridiculous if someone was trying to keep me, for example, out of danger...
... still, I'd regret it if something happens to one of my friends.

Panel 10: Mium, head to shins, waiting in the doorway. Naomi from behind, head to knees, looking like she's about to head towards Mium.


I'll go over there myself after running these errands...
Mium seems to be indicating I'm running late...
Try not to burn any nations to ash while I'm gone.