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Panel 1: Arkady's feet and lower legs, in portrait. His legs are tilted forward. Thereś a crunch and a skid on the uneven ground near his feet.

Panel 2: Arkady, sitting down, apparently unexpectedly. There's a THUMP by his butt.


Ow, uf, damned momentum again. Least Naomi isn't here to laugh at me this time...
I'll just leave that part out of the-

Panel 3: Soldier six, his cracked visor and robot punch injuries more evident than last page.

Soldier six:

Sir! Magus, sir! We thank you for your assistance, but I don think that will stop it for long. These tanks are very resilient, sir!
Do you have orders?

Panel 4: Arkady, getting up.


Ah, so there were still survivors down here. Good... You soldiers, just fall back toward the airbase. Command has issued a general retreat to regroup.
Not sure what's going on with these things, they seem absurdly powerful... saw something similar a while ago though...

Panel 5: The pile of rubble, apparently shifting.

Arkady, off panel:

Go ahead though, I can travel faster on my own to the airbase.
After I wrap up with this thing.

Panel 6: The two soldiers, head and shoulders.

Soldier five:

Sir Magus! The squad leader was holding it off, have you seen him? He should be around here somewhere!

Soldier six:

I can take a look around, give me just a second and I'll- There-

Panel 7: Soldier six, head and shoulders.

Soldier six:

He's coming down from the roof over-
Sir Magus!-

Panel 8: Kardus's lower legs and feet. His pants are a darker gray than Arkady's.

Soldier six:


Panel 9: Lightning zz-crack!

Panel 10: Arkady, falling down again, this time not as controlled. His right side appears to be injured.

Panel 11: Kardus, gloating. Magic residue still glimmering all over.


Do you know how much those things cost?
Well, I don either, but I'm going to have to ask you to stop breaking it.

Panel 12: Back up at the top, for the right side sidebar comic. A wireframe building with some 0s and 1s form the background to some square word blocks with around a 50% transparency.


>Priority issue flagged.
>Imminent termination of Naomifriend_Arkady has become probable
>Intervention recommended.
>Intervention rejected. Intervention requires large scale operations not currently approved.
>Consider contingency options.
>Reason: Naomi_implied_directive, read file "...still, I'd regret it if something happens to one of my friends."
>Naomifriend_Arkady confirmed Naomifriend.

Panel 13: Naomi, gray cap, black glasses, gray suit, shirt, and tie. There's a white and red barricade behind her.


You have that look again... Is something wrong, Mium?

Panel 14: As panel 12, further down the wireframe.


>Inform Missnaomi?
>Projected current mission failure: 100%
>Projected value: Low. Missnaomi travel speed insufficient for Naomifriend_Arkady_termination.
>Intervention rejected.
>Reason: Implied_Naomi_Directive -> Was not asked to interfere in matter Arpon_conflict, despite clear opportunity.
>Seeking alternative course of action that does not result in negative influence to Missnaomi happiness.

Panel 15: Mium, head and shoulders. The red and white barricade is visible to his left.


My apologies, Miss Naomi, other matters required some degree of attention. Please do not worry.

Panel 16: As panels 12 and 14, but the wireframe is just a jumble.


>Force contingency logic.
>Reason: Missnaomi will be displeased if Naomifriend_Arkady is terminated and information was withheld from Missnaomi.
>Alternate resource identified. I.L.A.. I.L.A. travel speed sufficient. I.L.A. intervention not classified as large scale operation.
>Submit resource request.
>Method of resource acquisition?
>Consider bribery?
>Alternative method suggested -> emotional manipulation.
>Rejected. I.L.A designated "sister".
>Alternative method suggested -> appeal to emotional nature.
>Approved. Submitting resource request.