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Panel 1: Peter Kepler front, head to waist. His tie has regained about a half-inch of slack.


Hmm. A fair concern I guess. You're worried that if you just tell them that, they'd pass it along to Arpon...
... so you want me to leak the information in a manner that makes them uncertain, so they don't pass it along for fear of looking bad, but don't attack for suspicion that itś a trap.

Panel 2: Madame Consul, hair part to nose.


... you are remarkably good at this.

Panel 3: Madame Consul, head to mid-chest. Her arms are folded on her chest at the bottom of the panel.


Thatś pretty much what I want. If the I.D.S. stays out of this, we will win, I just need time.
Can you help us with that?

Panel 4: The Consul, back, right 2/7ths, head to mid-tricep. Peter, front, right 47ths, head to low chest.


Arron offered to protect Malsa after the summit, right? Why didn't you take up his offer?

Panel 5: The Consul front, head to mid chest, arms still folded.


Directory Arron Kepler seems like an honorable man.
I don't make it a habit of relying on honor.
It tends to be a fickle master.

Panel 6: Peter, front, head to shoulders, right 2/3rds.


I see. It's fine if you'd rather not say, I can guess well enough, I suppose.
I will prevent the I.D.S. from attacking Malsa as long as that is more convenient for me than the alternative.

Panel 7: The Consul, hair to mouth.


You are an exceedingly difficult person to work with... but I suppose that's the best I'm going to get.

Panel 8: A hologram of a unidentified general

Consul, from panel 7:

I have to return to the affairs of running a war now.

Unidentified soldier:

Madame Consul, you're back online. Good, there's something that might need your attention...