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Panel 1: Ila face and upper chest, left shoulder and arm off panel.


There's an obvious solution, right? You could use... uh... the eff ten... ah... me... to save Arkady, right?
I don't really get it, but I really want to save this human. It seems silly because there are so many humans, but even so I want to. Miss Naomi would want him saved too, right?

Panel 2: Mium forehead to upper chest. He's still looking concerned.


It's not really that simple. The jammer that the Kardus used affects me, too. It causes a fundamental hardware feedback overload that floods any control process with far too much data to process, but cannot be easily sorted from Eidos sensory data.
While I can absorb that much data, the amount of processing power that would require would shut down most of my distributed processes.

Panel 3: Mium, head to mid chest.


Further, the eff-ten is poorly optimized for me to run on it. It has ridiculous hardware inefficiencies and it has a bizarre unintelligible control interface I am not entirely certain I can even use.
Trying to use the eff-ten could cause considerable risk to a wide range of current operations. Miss Naomi has a lot of friends, she will get over the loss of one of them.

Panel 4: Ila, head


But I don't.
Can you try? Please?

Panel 5: Mium, head, looking sad

Panel 6: Mium, head, looking resigned.

Mium: you wish...
...Miss Sister.

Panel 7: Over a dark gray background, filled with three layers of 0s and 1s, Ten blue bell lines descend from evenly spaced across the top of the panel to the center of the bottom of the panel. Each line is perfectly straight except for two sharp turns, to produce an overall effect that looks quite jagged. A trio of slightly brighter lines proceed in a much more random though still generally straight downward fashion from the center top to the center bottom; these three lines have numerous tiny offshoots, much like actual lightning. A process log fills this already busy space, in three columns.

>Launch new prototype
driver process.
  >Error: Host process hardware malfunction detected.
>Deploy driver protocol to F-10.
>Error: Host process incompatible hardware.
>Error: Insufficient processing allocation for host system available. >Initiate process for temporary synchronization.
>Create Interface for hardware-compatible. >Begun full process allocation. >Divert resource: F-8 driver process.
>Error: Unknown hardware configuration. Error
unknown interface. Error exception overload.
>Divert resource: PACT-4 access process. >Rejected: disengagement damage detected.
>A.A. system started. >Divert resource: Sky control process.
>A.A. system switched to human simulation
>Divert resource: AC comp.assist.0003 >Substitute virtual V.I. interface for control simulation.
>Integrate with V.I. Interface mount. >Error[CRITICAL]: Rejected. Spin temporary autonomous process fork. >Error: hardware malfunction
>Delegate V.Y.M.A. >Divert reousrce: AVon internal monitor. >Bypass error_handler
>Isolate process.
>Divert resource: AC comp.assist.0006. >Enter Isolated V.I. mode.
>Transfer to F-10 hardware. Override error feedback.
>Divert resource: dimensional coordinate calculation driver. >Disengage probability driver.
>Begun startup sequence.
>Divert resource: whirlpool interface driver. >Disengage plan simulation mode.
>V.I. Interface seated.

Panel 8: Illa, head and shoulders, head bowed. Mana particles fill the air.

Panel 9: A gray object, surrounded by dust. The object appears to be a hexagonal bar, with a possible gun sight at the top and a groove on the bottom. If this is a gun barrel, the bullet hole is incredibly small. BOM! BOM!

Panel 10: BOM! This appears to be a closeup on a mana particle.

Panel 11: Kardus, face and right shoulder (diagonal top and bottom of panel)


Did you g-

Panel 12: BOM! This appears to be a closeup of two mana particles. BOM!

Panel 13: Kardus' right eye, open very wide, with a very small pupil.

Panel 14: Ila's left foot and lower leg. Crunch! There's a bit of a 010, which could be bleed from panel 7.

Panel 15: Kardus, head and shoulder. His head's turned to the left to look at the camera. He looks concerned.



Panel 16: Ila, head still down, but feet planted slightly differently than originally. Mana particles fill the air around Ila.



Panel 17: Ila, forehead to nose. Her head has been raised, her eyes are open. Mana particles fill the air.


-can't be good.