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Panel 1: Peter Kepler, head to low shins, in profile, sitting in one of Tyler's desk chairs. He has a container of some sort on his lap.


Do you mean to ask "is your country being invaded by evil space people?"
Not currently, but it's probably on their TODO list.

Panel 2: Tyler Weber, head.


I mean "are there evil space people in my country, and what are they doing here?"

Panel 3: Peter, head.


I mean, I am sitting right here. I have been to space and probably have a whole list of references on the evil.

Panel 4: Tyler, head to waist. He looks like he's disappointed to realize that Peter's typical evasiveness is back.


I'm referring to the ones blowing things up.
I am hoping you are not in that group.

Panel 5: Peter, leaning back in the chair with his feet up on Tyler's table. He no longer has the pack in his lap.


Ah, well, not currently. I suppose I am a bit more of a hobbyist on that front.
Well, there is the Interdimensional Security... As far as you are concerned the two relevant branches are the mewling, bureaucratic, willfully blind, and generally incompetent H.Q. branch...
And the actually vaguely dangerous, misguided, arrogant, and corrupt corporate affairs. I wouldn't call them intelligent, but they have a sort of animal cunning when it comes to being a nuisance.

Panel 6: Peter, still seated, head to chest, right 4/5ths.


The I.D.S. is generally too gridlocked by infighting to do too much.
Which is where you come in. As sometimes they need a little assistance to maintain their status quo.
There is little need for direct intervention against them, but something will have to be done about PACT.
This should appeal to you as PACT has little love for Malsa as is.

Panel 7: Peter, now standing in front of the chair, his arms open wide, palms up.


Of course... I suppose to round out the list there are the actual 'evil space people', Kor's World.
I mean, strictly speaking they don't come from space. But they are sort of like a meteor.
One day everything is fine, the next, boom, there goes your civilization.
Not much point in you worrying about them for now, really.