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Panel 1: Miko sitting on her computer chair, her legs folded to her chest, feet presumably on the seat, her arms wrapped around her shins.

Miko: Look, you can have the server back. I just... It's not a big deal. You're right, I can just buy another one.

Mium: I do not currently require more processing power, Miko.

Miko: Because you had to turn off whatever you were using that server for. Look, just take it back. I'll use the same override to give it back if you need.

I just... needed something to distract me. But that was petty. I'm sorry. I... you didn't used to care about stuff like that.

Mium: I do not have an emotional attachment to load balancing, Miko, nor am I concerned by the perception of victory or loss.

Miko: You've learned that letting people win makes them happy, which is why I suspect I was able to get it back in the first place. But now that I think about it like that, it just makes me feel guilty.

Panel 2: Miko, in profile. Her feet are definitely on the chair. There's a shelf with various small boxes on it to the left of her chair.

Mium: Miko-

Miko: Mium - override allocate machine Miko zero zero five, parameter seven hundred and twenty to all. There, you have the server again.


Mium: What would you like me to do with that server, Miko?

Panel 3: Miko, face and shoulders, looking annoyed.

Miko: What do you want to do with it?

Mium: ...


... processing query, Miko.

Miko: Wow... That's ominous.

Panel 4: Miko face and shoulders, slightly different angle, closer up. She still looks annoyed, but is now a bit more animated.

Miko: If you dedicated it to beating Naomi at paint-tag, could you beat her? That's what you're doing with the other prototype, right?

Mium: That is a peculiar request, Miko.

Miko: Not really. Humans are petty.

Panel 5: Miko standing, in profile, head to hips.

Miko: Anyway... I am hungry. I suppose I can probably go outside to get something. There shouldn't be that many people.

Mium: Would you like me to come back to take you somewhere, Miko?

Miko: ... so there are people out there will probably try to kill me again, is that what you mean?

Panel 6: Miko from behind. The background looks the same, so she's probably turned.

Miko: Hmmm. I guess there is food in the kitchen. I could try to make food I guess.

There is stuff in there I can just microwave, right?

Hmm... Mium when are going to be back?

Panel 7: Miko sitting back down in her chair. She is, for this frame, sitting more or less normally. It's clearly just transitional.

Mium: Did you need something, Miko?

Miko: ...No, food is too much trouble after all.

I will eat tomorrow I guess.

Panel 8: Miko, back to her normal pose.

Miko: I guess that means I have nothing to do... Peter is busy... too tired to do anything useful...

Mium: You could go to sleep, Miko.

Miko: Nah, not till you get back. The house will blow up or something.


Panel 9: Miko, in her chair, presumably normal pose, red blanket covering her legs and shoulders. She looks like she's asleep.