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Spoiler alert: the below transcript may convey information which was supposed to not be entirely revealed when this comic was posted.

Panel 1: Rovak Stas, viewed from above, laying on the grass, face to waist, hands behind head. Maroon shirt with a pink no circle smilie, vertically long eyes.

Rovak: Should you be out here, Doctor?

That doesn't seem... safe.

Panel 2: Rovak Stas, laying on a grassy hill, viewed from the side. Dark gray pants. There's a largeish tree behind him, and park benches around. Someone wearing what might be a lab coat is partially visible from behind, base of neck to waist, left hand in the left pocket. No identifiable features, apart from the apparent posession of at least a left arm. Their right half is obscured by the panel boundary, however, so no word on the right arm.

Martin: Your concern is touching, Mr. Stas.

Has your brush with mortality brought you new found empathy and humility?

Panel 3: Rovak Stas, still viewed from the side, but now a close up, head to xiphoid process. One bench and part of the tree trunk are still visible.

Rovak: If I could have a "brush" with mortality, doctor, I wouldn't be immortal.

The only thing that ends immortality is death, you see.

Panel 4: Someone in a lab coat from the front, underarms to waist, right 3/4ths. The unspecified doctor apparently does have a right hand. It's also in a pocket.

Martin: In summary, then, no. Still, you have crossed paths with both of them, and yet here you still are. That IS praiseworthy.

What did you think about the future, Mr. Stas, now that you've seen it?

Panel 5: Rovak Stas, now raising up on his elbows. He's also looking towards the doctor, though with only minimal head movement.

Rovak: Doctor...

Frankly... as killing machines go, they are both crap. I don't even have competition yet.

Panel 6: The lab coat from behind at an odd angle. Both arms are in the picture. But we see less than the elbows to waist view from before.

Martin: I don't recall either of your encounters going so well.

So... tell me... what you mean?

Panel 7: Rovak Stas back in his original pose.

Rovak: You don't understand the essence of being a good killing machine.

It's the same as any job, doctor, to excel, you have to have real job satisfaction!

Panel 8: A close up of the right quarter of Rovak Stas's face, and the chest below to his underarm. His arm is now straight out to the side, his hand no longer under his head.

Rovak: At least he understands that much, job satisfaction.

I think me and him will be good friends someday, if I don't manage to kill him.