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Panel 1: The shoulders of the mystery guy in the lab coat, profile.

Martin: What a curious thing to say.

I would think that he would quite dislike your... eratic tendencies.

Panel 2: Rovak Stas from above, right 3/7 of his face and most of his right arm, which is bent at around a 120 degree angle to have his hand under his head.

Rovak: I might be barking insane by your standards, Doctor, but to him, that's just what humans are like.

Panel 3: Rovak Stas from above, head to crotch, same outfit as last strip.

Rovak: Imagine for a moment his point of view... imagine our insistence on doing the wrong thing.

But that's the interesting part of being immortal, isn't it...

Seeing how it all turns out when the world is a pile of chaos.

Panel 4: The doctor, underarms to pockets, profile. He's standing by a chair with apparently metal arms and thick cushions.

Martin: How very philosophical of you, Mr. Stas. Sometimes I forget exactly how old you really are.

Panel 5: Rovak Stas, side view, hands now raised in the air. One knee is bent so his foot is on the ground a short distance from his butt, the other so that the foot is hovering in the air.

Rovak: Say, Doctor...

There is something that is bothering me though...

Panel 6: Rovak Stas sitting up, his arms stretched before him.

Martin: ... when he hit me with a knife, it passed through me like I was barely even there, despite me being, well, a warmage.

Panel 7: The doctor, now seated in the chair, his hands out of his pockets on the arm rests. The chair does not appear to be connected to the ground.

Martin: You continue to impress, Mr. Stas. Indeed, bullets barely go through you.

But surely you have seen his material disassociation ability before?

Panel 8: Rovak Stas standing, arms stretched above him. He appears to be yawning.

Rovak: If he could dematerialize something with an eidos key, I wouldn't be here to ask that question...


...It was almost like he was just using the knife as a guide to create an eidos association between different pieces of eidos data...

Panel 9: Rovak Stas, face to elbows, arms akimbo.

Rovak: But to do that... he'd need to be able see the eidos form.

...curious, for a 'failed' prototype, isn't it, [[Martin | Doctor Martin?

Panel 10: Rovak, head and left shoulder, and his green-haired mercenary assistant.

Green hair: There you are... are you talking to yourself, Rovak?

Rovak: Hmm... possibly.