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Caption over everything: And so the night passes.

Panel 1: Kalisto Summers and Peter Kepler are seated in a restaurant booth. It looks a bit like a diner, but with much less chrome than I'm used to. Kally appears to be talking, while Peter is eating with a bit more enthusiasm than I would have guessed. While they're not arguing, they're also clearly not acting as a couple. They're seated across from each other, and they both have both feet firmly on the floor in their own space. In fact, this restaurant seems to be a poor choice for romantic under the table play, as the table appears to be extra wide by half a plate to a whole plate.

Panel 2: Tom is looking out over the city from a roof or a bridge. There's a rail in front of him. He has his trusty crowbar on his shoulder. He doesn't know what's coming for it. He knows he won't possibly be ready for it. But he's as ready as he can be.

Panel 3: Lavender hair, lavender eyes guy wearing a gray long sleeve shirt with darker gray pants sitting in a row of lightly cushioned seats which share an armrest between each seat. It looks a bit like a row of airport seats to me. He looks pensive. I should know who this is, but I don't.

Panel 4: Tyler Weber is laying in his hospital bed, still apparently on oxygen. Magnolia Dai and Amy Selah are sitting together. Amy is turned in her seat and leaning back, with her head resting on Magnolia's shoulder, despite her earlier reservations. All are sleeping peacefully, at least for the moment.

Panel 5: Mium Efaite and Miss Ila are ordering fast food. The restaurant appears to be proud of their double patty with a separating slice of bun. Intriguingly, it looks like they've used a top bun for the extra piece, rather than a bottom bun. The mystery of what happens to all of the extra top buns that I have wondered about since I first encountered a Big Mac back in the 70s is finally solved! Miss Ila is far more excited about the item she's ordering than the bored clerk behind the register. As always, Mium is unphased - or is it just that he hasn't figured out how to emote properly?

Panel 6: The generals from last page are discussing something. It's unclear if they are arguing or if they are sharing their grievances regarding the meeting they were just in. I would guess the latter since they seemed to be in agreement on the last page.

Caption: ... and morning comes.

Panel 7: Mium Efife and Naomi Atarah walking home after their paintball game. Naomi is happy and animated, despite the fact she has blue and green paint tags on her pants, her hands, her arms, and her face, and Mium is walking casually beside her without a speck of paint on him. Apparently, if he devotes an extra server to beating Naomi at paintball, he can beat Naomi at paintball. And she will love him all the more for it.

Panel 8: Miko sitting at a workbench, apparently already hard at work on constructing something, which is either mostly or entirely obscured by her body. It's early morning, and already she's made significant progress. Or is she still up from last night? Given her heritage, it's tough to say, but the smart money probably suggests the latter.

Panel 9: Kallisto Summers is contemplating a hairband she's holding in her fingers. I would guess it came from Peter, or there are thoughts regarding Peter's opinion of her hair in a band. It may have been given the night before, but I feel like it's more likely from some time before the story began.

Panel 10: Peter Kepler in bed. Isn't that how this story began? Oh, wait, no, that was Page Three. Hopefully this is not the first sleep he's gotten since then. It's early morning, so he's probably just gone to bed.

Panel 11: The Consul is getting ready for the day. It's moderately late in the morning for her, but she had a late night the evening before. She's still almost ready to go.

Panel 12: Hips to mid calf of someone in body armor. Their armored left hand is also visible.