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Amy Selah
Affiliation: MSB
Nationality: Palindra
First Appearance: [[1]]
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Amy is a member of Tyler's Magical Security Branch, and a student at Levenworth. She serves as Tyler's second and command or secretary (or something in between).

Amy is a highly academically successful student, despite not displaying any particular genius, she studies hard and has a well rounded education, making her generally the most knowledgable person about a given subject so long as an expert of the subject isn't on hand. Her magic is much the same way, lacking any particularly innate talents, she is far from bad at magic, but tends stand in the shadow of Family mages, Tyler, or even her friend Mione all of whom have more outstanding talents than her.

Amy has teal hair and brown eyes, indicated she is not a "designer kid" but is also not fully unmodified human stock due to the unnatural hair color, but her heritage has not been explored yet. She is at least her third year at Levenworth, as she was there when Naomi was previously before Naomi took a year off, though she refers more details about Naomi to Mione, as she does not appear to have been one of Naomi's close friends.


Amy is one of the more diligent and careful members of the cast.

Powers & Abilities

Unknown, though it does not seem like she is one of the "strongest three" of the MSB, as Tyler did not take her with him into the Avon building. He may have left her behind to watch over the rest though as he put her in command in his absence.


  • Tyler: Is loyal to Tyler and his organization. Beyond simply being loyal to the organization, she seems to be concerned for Tyler's well being, and seems to stay in his hospital room as much as possible to watch over him while he's wounded, and seems prepared to defend him from the Orish assassin before the arrival of Ila.
  • Peter: Does not trust Peter, particularly once he takes over the MSB, though given that even Peter advises her not trust him, this is a pretty usual relationship to Peter.
  • Naomi: Knows Naomi from the past as schoolmate, but not as well as Mione.
  • Mione: Is friends with Mione.
  • Magnolia: Is somewhat suspicious of Magnolia's abilities, and seems to think that she can read minds - an impression reinforced by Magnolia assuring her that she cannot read minds as she's thinking it...