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Amy Selah
Affiliation: MSB
Nationality: Palindra
First Appearance: [[1]]


Amy is a member of Tyler's Magical Security Branch, and a student at Levenworth. She serves as Tyler's second and command or secretary (or something in between).


Amy is one of the more diligent and careful members of the cast.

Powers & Abilities

Unknown, though it does not seem like she is one of the "strongest three" of the MSB, as Tyler did not take her with him into the Avon building. He may have left her behind to watch over the rest though as he put her in command in his absence.


  • Tyler: Is loyal to Tyler and his organization.
  • Naomi: Knows Naomi from the past as schoolmate, but not as well as Mione.
  • Mione: Is friends with Mione.