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Arron Kepler
Affiliation: IDS
Nationality: Central
First Appearance: [[1]]
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The local Director for the IDS Criminal Investigations. His name is a well known one, a hero of times gone by who serves from the desk now. He was quite proud of his nephew’s rise through the ranks, and is deeply concerned by his defection.

He remains loyal to the IDS, and views Peter as something of a dangerous wild card, stating that he is willing to act against Peter's interests, though he would like to first understand Peter's motivations, and does not want to needlessly antagonize either Peter or the other branches of the IDS, fearing that it would lead to more chaos. When he sends Nathan after Peter, he just asks him to find out Peter's motives, though their meeting is interrupted by Atter trying to kill both of them.

When pushed too far by Biana and Sophie's reckless behavior, he starts acting as Major Arron Kepler again, and actively working against them in order to reign them in.


Arron is a responsible and reasonable leader. Though he has dedicated himself to the IDS, he does not allow the rules to blind him and is willing to work around the rules he enforces when need be, as long as the results ultimately serve the cause of the IDS. Though he is generally fairly laid back and views his current job as something akin to retirement, he still works hard, and is almost never seen off the clock. Additionally, when confronted with actions the violate the purpose of the IDS or pose grave danger to large civilian populations, and more forceful and commanding personality wakes up and starts to give orders, whether he strictly speaking has the authority to give them or not.

Powers & Abilities

Arron is one of the two people confirmed to use Ellipses. Though Tom claims to have surpassed Arron, he is still surprised when Arron picks out that he was following him, though its possible Arron just guessed he was there. He was able to easily slip into the Consul's office after the summit, and frequently shows little concern for his own safety due to his ability to go unnoticed. Atter may have been able to track him through Elipses, though it is implied that Atter had a magical bug on him which allowed him to do this. Mium was able to defeat it more directly, but likely due to his nature as an AI.


  • Peter: Somewhat fears what his nephew is capable of, seeming to understand that Peter's very rational approach to things is very dangerous, especially if Peter should learn about problems better left unsolved. It seems the only reason he does not seriously try to arrest Peter is that he doesn't think it has any real chance of success.
  • Kyle: Has a good sibling relationship with his brother, though they disagree on several things, and seem to have some rivalry between their organizations between them as well. Is concerned that Kyle had Query with him.
  • Nathan: Technically Arron's most competent subordinate, Nathan mostly acts autonomously from the rest of CI due to his special agent duties. They typically interact more like peers. He views Nathan's tendency to try to solve problems on his own with some frustration.
  • Biana: Does not agree with Biana's reckless way of doing things, prefering to take the long view and take no risks. Is deeply angered by her decision to fire the Skyhammer on a civilian local target.
  • Sophie: Apparently has known her for a long time (despite that she looks like a young woman). She refers to herself as his friend, but also has sent assassins after him, though she preferred they didn't kill him.