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World from which the IDS hail. Referred to as "Central" by IDS personnel.


Magic is a relatively recent revelation to the public of this world, and was unfortunately unveiled during a cataclysmic conflict with an invasive force of humans from another world known as the ‘Incursion’. Ultimately the struggle boiled down to a conflict between previously hidden magical societies and the invaders, with the rest of the world caught in the crossfire. Drastic military reactions of the world's nations caught in the crossfire contributed to it’s cataclysmic nature.

Since the Incursion, with magic technology has developed in leaps and bounds. "Central" has now developed some of the most advanced pieces of magical equipment seen outside of Kor’s World, such as ‘Autocasters’ and ‘Boost Engines’.

It can be conjectured that as a result of the Incursion, "Central" is now controlled by a single government, comprised of many political factions.

Political Factions

  • The Assembly. The Council Director mentions the Asssembly at Council meeting when engaging Kyle Kepler. The context implies the Assembly is the higher in organisational hierarchy.
  • The Council. Nick Otte (IDS) is seen reporting to the Council. Kyle Kepler (Civil Service Oversite Board) is also seen at this meeting, his presence required for a civil quorum to be met.
  • IDS (InterDimensional Security) which has appointed itself as an interdimensional police force, and relies heavily on the advanced magic technology in this role. The IDS has many internal divisions, including: HQ, Corporate Affairs, Criminal Investigations, Situation Containment.
  • Civil Service which includes the Oversight Board.
  • Public Affairs. Yet to be mentioned in-comic
  • World Military. Yet to be mentioned in-comic.