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Kallisto Summers
Affiliation: IDS
Nationality: Central
First Appearance: [[1]]
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Kallisto Summers was An IDS Enforcer, Peter’s former partner. Once she and Peter were jointly instrumental in a meteoric rise through the ranks as partners but she was left behind when he went rogue. She was responsible for bringing in (or down) the target when Peter tracked them down, and as good at her role as he was at his; coming to Criminal Investigations branch from Situation Containment branch (colloquially known as ‘Monster Hunters’) she has more firepower at her disposal then the typical IDS CI Agent. She is resentful and suspicious of Peter’s sudden defection, as they were quite close before it.

Prior to joining the IDS CI branch, she lived in military-style barracks, and did not have to interact with civilians, or do things like shopping or renting houses. Peter took it upon himself to assist her with these things, despite viewing such things as tedious (he may have stolen or bought her apartment instead of helping her rent one, or at least delegating the task to Query).

She is also likely related to the Ervon Magical Society, given that her brother is both "the seat of Summers" and "the Warden" of Evron, but the exact details are unknown.

In possibly non-canon images, as a younger girl she wears glasses and dresses more like a tomboy than her current proclivity for wearing skirts (whenever she is not wearing an IDS uniform of some sort).

She has a notoriously bad sense of direction and how to get around, especially when flying on her Eidos Construct, claiming that phone GPS was not made for flying by dragon. This prompted Peter to make her a NavDragon app for her phone, something she still uses to this day.


Kally is socially awkward, and not particularly good at dealing with people. She seems to have grown up as a sort of child solidier, and does not really have the ability to interact with people normally. She performs clearly defined social hierarchies. She was far more awkward in Minus Years, but still displays her general inability to interact with people when dealing with Tyler at Levenworth.

How she interacts with Peter is an entirely different story, as she cannot seem to decide if she is still in love with him, hates his guts, or both. This is further compounded by Peter, as he tends to have his own set of confused interactions with her. It is not yet known why or how they started dating, but they clearly have some degree of ongoing affection. Recently they were last seen spending time together getting dinner (in the middle of the night) in a fairly normal manner.

She is prone to flares of temper and generally projects an icy personality to avoid having to interact with people.

Powers & Abilities

Kally is probably the most powerful mage in the comic so far. She is capable of almost instantaneously forming a large red (the most stable kind) Eidos construct in the shape of a dragon, as well as being a nature mage with a broad range of magic at her disposal. Though she struggled against Naomi in an airball match, it was implied that most of her powerful abilities were too destructive to use in a sporting event.

In addition to being effectively a dragon, the Eidos Form she conjures capable of releasing a blast of destructive energy that extends like over a mile. Though both times she has used it she was shooting down a flying object (a missile and Skyhammer shot respectively) the destructive force of the attack is likely vast, as an IDS Witch Hunter capable of nullifying magic was actively terrified of what would happen if she had released it at ground level.

In addition, she can use her dragon to fly, riding it like an actual dragon.

Kally is considered a "Tactical Mage", a mage that is so powerful their presence is a tactical consideration on the battlefield. She is the only confirmed tactical mage in the comic, but others have been confirmed to exist in the commentary.


  • Peter: "It's complicated".
  • Mium: Knew a previous version of Mium called Query, and seems to have been somewhat fond of Query, or at least used to him. She tends to treat Mium as Query ever sense discovering that Mium was (maybe) Query.
  • Tyler: Kally has some degree of friction with Tyler so far, as she does not seem to particularly respect the local authority all that much. Like Arron, she technically works with them and does not actively attack or undermine them, but she does not seem to take them particularly seriously, even knowing Tyler is himself a powerful mage (though possibly not on her level).
  • Nathan: Nathan is Kally's brother, and while they have not interacted in the comic so far, they seem to have a decent relationship, though Nathan has implied he is troubled by his sisters destructive potential, going as far as actively keeping her out of fights, and noting that most people just want Kally to stay on the sidelines, as her presence in a war would be too destructive. He also implied that Peter might be the most sane person in her generation, which implies he views her sanity as questionable.