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Kor's World (as it is referred to by people from Central) have very advanced technology, and very advanced magical integration to it. Especially where warfare is concerned.


Kor's World soldiers communicate primary via a datalink of some kind. Their native language is unknown, and they communicate verbally via some kind of data to audio translator (assumed to be embedded in their battle armor). Their verbal communication is succinct and lacking in the usual "colour" that a native language speaker might use.




Battle armor

A full body armor, with an openable face plate. The armor is assumed to provide boosts to physical & magical abilities, as well as providing a forcefield.
Korbattlearmor faceplatedown.jpgKorbattlearmor face.jpgKorbattlearmor shieldsup.jpg

High Altitude Platform

Fitted with a HVW, and capable of deploying tanks. Undoubtedly functions as a Kor's World base of operations when off-world.

Boost Card

Actual name and function of this card is not known, but Peter indicates Avon has one. Peter retrieves 3 of these cards from the three tanks that were dropped on Levenworth.


Kor's World have also deployed their own Self Modifying Artifical Intelligence to Palindra. We know of it's presence through Mium's tug-of-war with it over navigation and communication networks.

Appearances of Kor's World in Palindra

  • Levenworth, Malsa. A strike force consisting of 3 tanks, dropped from altitude, and a single Kor's World soldier. Peter initially supposes that Kor's World must have come to investigate the Gate Detector he provided to Tyler because he didn't filter out Kor's World dimensional gates (and somehow they detected the detector pinging their gate). The High Altitude Platform from which the tanks were dropped also makes an appearance (but does not appear to be detected by anyone other than Mium).