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Affiliation: Peter
Nationality: Central
First Appearance:  ???


"Miko" is an alias, her real name is Taki. As she is Peter's cousin, she might be Taki Kepler, but she may not share the Kepler last name, as that is unconfirmed. Though it was unclear for awhile, she does seem to be a girl. She is older than she appears, and her diminutive stature may be the result of spending an undisclosed amount of time in a coma or similar state.

At some point, Arron promised to keep Taki safe, but she holds a great deal of resentment toward him.


Miko is bitter, contankerous, and seems to suffer from some form of anxiety or depression. She repeatedly states that she does not like people.

Powers & Abilities

Miko is very talented computer hacker.


  • Peter: Has a sibling-like relationship with Peter, and is loyal to his cause.
  • Naomi: Finds her vexing.
  • Mium: Is possessive of Mium, and views him as her friend.