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World where most of the story is set.


Both technology and magic has been widespread throughout history here. Magic and magic practitioners are both highly regarded here, but also viewed as dangerous. Both are subject to an increased level of surveillance and restriction, in part stemming from a long history of the use of magic in warfare. The traditional two-tiered society has been severely disrupted by imported autocasters which blur the lines between innate/natural mages and common citizens with nominal talent.


The world of Palindra is decidedly not united, and small scale war is fairly common. Conflicts between the three superpowers rarely breaks into full war, but many of the smaller wars are fueled by them. The world is currently in a major state of flux, as the three major superpowers are losing control to international corporations that serve none of them loyally. This has come to a head as many of these corporations joined PACT to work with the IDS, making a formidable power block that only nominally answers to any sovereign power.


Palindra map.jpeg

  • Malsa. A small but fairly prosperous country, rising rapidly in prosperity, and many major corporations have a large presence here. A major center of genetic modification, as it is mostly legal and only lightly regulated, the main requirement being that designer children have to be marked by hair and eye color.
  • Orin. One of the Palindra's superpower countries, far to the north of Malsa. As one of the larger countries, it notoriously aggressive, and more direct in its international involvement, although it typically claims most recorded incidents the actions of rogue splinter factions.
  • Arpon. A neighboring country to Malsa; less prosperous, but also rising in prosperity.


  • PACT. A group of many of the largest international (and now interdimensional) corporations.
  • Avon. A major corporation and purveyor of small electronics, their technology tends to be trendy and on the bleeding edge. Unfortunately it also seems to run a significant illegal operations behind that facade.