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Rovak Stas
Affiliation:  ???
Nationality: Palindra
First Appearance:  ???
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Rovak is an Orish warmage, a powerful enigmatic immortal. Rovak's role seems to be to sow chaos, though the exact loyalty of him and his team of mercenaries is unknown.


Rovak is friendly and generally cheerful, but is unfortunately a homicidal maniac that does not pause at all in killing people. He tries to recruit people with potential to his team, and failing that tries to kill them.

Powers & Abilities

Rovak has an unknown magical power that lets him cause very large explosions, making him a devastating combatant. More importantly, he has a power that is called an I-Code that makes him almost instantly regenerate from any injury. It is implied that if his brain were destroyed, the I-Code would not be able to revive him.


  • Biana: Nominally he seems to work for her, but their relationship is unknown.
  • Mium: Is actually quite the fan of Mium after their last few encounters, but views Mium as a subpar killing machine due to Mium's restrictions or reservations about slaughtering people.