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Kyle Kepler
Affiliation: Civil Service
Nationality: Central
First Appearance:  ???
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Peter's dad and a member of the Civil Service on Central. Seems to be quite influential, and prone to at least some of his son's Machiavellian bent.


Kyle is smart and pragmatic. He is not easily ruffled, shrugging off an attempted murder and quipping to his bodyguard about docking his pay.

Powers & Abilities

Has not displayed any magical aptitude, but apparently has some form of implant that Query could hack. While hacked by Query, he was able to disintegrate incoming bullets (though it might be more accurate to say Query was able to).


  • Peter: Largely unclear, but does not seem to be hostile to him.
  • Mari: Friendly and fatherly, but somewhat strained.
  • Arron: Friendly.