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Central organizations

It is assumed Central's organizations are large global entities.

Central Military

Central Military

InterDimensional Security

InterDimensional Security, commonly referred to as the IDS is an organization founded on a world only referred to as "Central" in the wake of the Incursion. In response the devastation of their world, the remnants of Central decided ensure their security and stability by a proactively engaging with other worlds across other dimensions. Though the exact number they interact with is of a confidential nature, the comic so far has mostly followed their interactions with the world of Palindra.

The IDS is highly departmentalized, with each department behaving closer to a separate organization, and which region acting with great autonomy. This is in part due to the nature of the central government having difficulty exerting united influence, and in part simply due to the vast scope of affairs the IDS interacts with, but has lead to a fair amount of inter-branch rivalry and occasionally outright conflict.

The IDS possess highly advanced magic and technology, and maintains much of their advantage through this edge, as well as being able to exert great influence in the biggest new sector of trade - crossdimensional trade markets.

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs is one of the larger and more influential and well funded departments, as they play a core role in the maintaining the oversight of Palindra. Their role is to directly interface with the international corporations, as well as control their their growth into interdimensional corporations. They play a central role in regulating interdimensional trade and ensuring that the IDS technological edge is not lost, regulating and surpressing certain technological development, while using other pieces of technology as bartering chips to ensure compliance. On Palindra, they primarily interact with a international organization called PACT.

In the greater region containing Malsa, Arpon, and half a dozen other countries, the regional director for this Department is Biana.

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations Arron Kepler's department. They appear to mostly be focused on investigating crimes, both inside and outside IDS. It's made clear Arron is not their only director, he's thus far the only director we've seen in the organization. He's therefore likely in charge of all of C.I. in Malsa, at least.

Situation Containment

Situation Containment Sophie's organization. They seem to mostly be focused on creating situations these days. More generously speaking, they seem focused on a few situations that represent black eyes to them, and do not seem to be concerned about the consequences of them trying to 'contain' those situations long after they have moved past any plausible containment.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Palindra organizations

Palindra being divided into many nations, and being the world where most of the story is set, has many organisations of note, ranging from international alliances to corporations to schools.



An alliance of the vast majority of the largest corporations on Palindra. Many of these now have an interdimensional presense. It is an uneasy alliance and owes, in theory, no allegiance to any sovereign nation.



Avon is one of the interdimensional corporations in PACT. They have a healthy bleeding edge small electronics business, with unhealthy levels of illegal research. They may be headquartered in Malsa, but it's difficult to say. A couple of their C-levels, Ryn "Tomorrow" Koko and CEO Ikirium Avon, appear to reside in Malsa, so they're listed there for the moment.





Levenworth is the school where all of the Malsan schoolchildren Kyle mentioned as superior to IDS special agents learn how to beat IDS special agents. It's probably not an actual class there... Yet. The headquarters of the MSB are there, which makes it more like an after school club than Peter probably realized at the time he said it.

Magic Security Bureau (MSB)

The MSB is headed by Tyler Weber and is Malsa's latest bureau. It is specifically focused on national security involving magic, which just happens to have a 100% overlap of everything within Arron Kepler's department's jurisdiction. While the M.S.B. appears to have some amount of jurisdiction that's outside of IDS's concern, they have not had any of that show up so far in comic.

The Families

The old aristocracy of the country before the current government, they are still heavily involved in many aspects of it. This continued power comes in equal parts from their influence and from their powers. With a long history of modifying and tweaking their blood lines to heighten magic potential, almost all Family members are mages, to the point they are frequently called "Family mages" just to refer to them in general. They have a high chance of being innate mages, which some rather remarkable innate abilities.

Known Family Lines
  • Canthi (Camillia, Ashian)
  • Ethi (Maia)
  • Arduni (Arkady, Ashvalt)
  • Shemoki (Akatmar)
  • Kafari (Elmon)
  • Hilvari (Saraine)
  • Enkari (Regin, Elliana)
  • Idunni (Branch family)