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Levenworth Academy is an institute of higher learning in Malsa. While we haven't seen a lot of classes there, as the main characters have thus far skipped more classes than they have attended, it's known that they at least have classes in magic tech and theory and magic application.

Many members of the cast are students there, including:

Amy Selah, Arkady, Kalisto Summers, Lisa, Magnolia Dai, Maia Ethi, Marc Idunni, Mione Mium Efiate, Naomi Atarah, Peter Kepler, Semar Lot, Tyler Weber

This is also the location for the Magic Security Bureau. This would be pretty unexpected, except that the organization was just formed and the founding leader of the organization and most if not all of the founding members are students there. It's at least strongly hinted in the comic, and explicitly stated in the author's comments, the founding members were basically selected by who helped Tyler deal with the currently unspecified events "last year" which triggered the formation of the MSB.

I'm expecting that we will eventually find out at least one of the founding members is a professor at Levenworth... and is serving as their sponsor as far as the school administrators are concerned, thus making the MSB be a school club like Peter had thought. --Tgape (talk)

As a result, Levenworth Academy is one of the major settings for the strip, including being the point where Kor's World invaded.