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MYM (F8, Pictured. Presumably)
Affiliation: Peter
Nationality: Unknown
First Appearance: [[1]]
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Flashback/prequel comics depict Peter in the company of floating computer called Query. Query was an AI assistant that specialized in analyzing human behavior and predicting their behavior. After Peter disappeared from the IDS, the device that contained Query is next seen with Kyle Kepler and Peter is in the company of the entity called Mium.

Though much more human in appearence, his behavior has many similarities to Query, including similar verbal tics, and tendency to answer questions in similar fashion, though Miko notes that he is less straightforward and less helpful than Query was.


Mium is frequently difficult to hold a conversation with, as he seems to use language quite differently from most people. For example, he seems to have a difficulty with the concept of being present somewhere. Sometimes he seems much more literal than most of those around him, and other times much less so. He's also much more rule-oriented than most people. However, apart from his 'restrictions', he seems pretty selective about what rules he cares about and how he applies them. As far as his restrictions go, he's apparently mostly just interested in the literal wording of the restriction, not the spirit. If one didn't know better, one might think that he's quite autistic.


There are several different entities that are related to Mium:

  • M.Y.M.: An SMAI that may have been made by Doctor Martin or may have been made by Peter. In any event, it's squarely in Peter's... control is the wrong word. Inner circle. It answers to the names Mium and Query these days, as well as M.Y.M. We don't know what the acronym expands to, or if it's just a three letter designation.
  • Query: A small floating ball-with-a-base computer terminal, which houses an AI Peter wrote to help him understand people better.
  • Mium F5: Also a polite but peculiar boy who resembles Mium Efiate enough to be his brother. The most distinctive difference is that Mium F5 doesn't have quite the penchant for wearing blue scarfs that Mium Efiate has. Before Chapter 6, Page 33, this entity was just F5, lost and alone. He was not truly Mium F5 until synchronization was complete.
  • Virtual Interface (VI) Mium: A prototype driver that was created to run the F10 prototype temporarily, it seems to have gained some degree of self-awareness and reluctance to be deleted once its objective was complete. As another aspect of Mium, it is has a very similar personality to him, but seems to be more talkative and introspective.
  • A.A. System: A system of unknown origin that Mium can enable in certain circumstances that greatly enhances his ability to interact with certain system or perform tasks he otherwise is unable to. Can typically only be enabled to protect those he that fall under his protection, such as Miko.

Powers & Abilities

There seems to be an assumption in the comic that the two Miums have the same powers. At this time, however, I'm looking at tracking and comparing them anyway.

Mium Efiate:

Null caster, Disintegration


Mium lives with Peter, Naomi, and Miko.

Despite being at least partially made by Peter, their relationship seems to more or less be on equal footing. They are at least comrades if not friends. Sometimes, Peter acts a bit like Mium's mentor, but for the most part, they both trust the other to know what they're doing and give each other all due respect.

Miko and Mium appear to have a somewhat closer relationship, though it's possible it might not have quite as much respect. Miko is more or less always in touch with Mium, and is almost always having a conversation with him while she's on camera and awake. He shows a great deal of concern for her, but not the same level of respect he gives Peter. It's unclear if that's because Peter is more or less his creator, or the fact that Miko is still a child, and her temperment sometimes makes this clear.

Naomi hasn't known Mium for nearly as long as his other two apartmentmates. Mium certainly cares for her and values her physical and magical prowess, but has less regard for her keen but not really exercised intellect.

Mium has little respect for Dr. Mir, and what respect he has for her is entirely based on her current threat rating. She is clearly his enemy or his pest, depending on whether or not she's worthy at any given moment of being his enemy. However, ending her is not Mium's purpose, and since Peter has explained the flaw of killing the inconvenient people, he mostly just tries to avoid her.

Tamara Anseli has been following M.Y.M. for quite some time in the digital world. Her exact goal in doing this is not yet clear, but it's very apparent that she knows Peter.