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Naomi Atarah
Affiliation: Peter
Nationality: Malsa
First Appearance: [[1]]


Once a self-proclaimed Hero Without a Cause, she found a Cause now working with Peter, though one can only wonder if she truly knows what she’s involved in.

Naomi's background is not well known. What is known is that she is a native to Malsa, a Designer Child, and that was previously a student at Levenworth, she was away for a year. This suggests that everyone who she knows from her previous time as a student is at least a third year student. While she is modest about her intellectual capabilities, there are some who claim she's still pretty gifted in areas she's less interested.

She had quite a few friends at Levenworth, and apparently excelled at sports, at some point even being congradulated by the Consul on winning some form of international sporting tournament (that seems to have included paintball).


"Naomi is either smiling, or punching things. And she wasn't smiling." -Amy.

Naomi's personality is summed by Amy in the above quote quite succinctly, with the only exception being that she frequently smiles AND punches things. Naomi is carefree and happy go luck in all but the most extreme circumstances. Seemingly driven by her ability to excel at nearly anything and extreme resistance to being hurt, she throws herself willingly into pretty much anything.

Relentlessly active, she’s rarely still for long. Some say that when she faces a challenge, she seems to enjoy overcoming it just a little too much…

Powers & Abilities

An enthusiastic girl whose stated intention is to save the world. Blessed with a excess of raw magical power, she seems to be an innate “booster”, but lacks the ability to calculate complex spells.

Naomi is a Innate Mage booster type. She can enhance her own abilities radically, making her stronger, faster, and tougher than a normal human could possibly be. She is able to take this much further than any other booster in the comic, and in fact just keeps ramping up this ability until she overcomes the challenge in front of her, so her fully power is not entirely known. She has, among other things, ripped off the arm of someone using a boost engine when she got genuinely angry with them, punched a giant robot to death, and run up the side of an apartment building.

She has also occasionally displayed abilities that do not fit directly into her booster talents, which suggests she might have more to her talents, such as shattering Kally's force field during the air ball match, and causing objects she is holding to be reinforced. Additionally when her powers start ramping up drastically, she starts to get flowing lines across her skin, something not seen with other boosters.


  • Peter: Naomi has an odd relationship with Peter. On one hand, she works for him and clearly listens to him, but she seems to posess some sort of veto power, though she has used it only once to force Mium to "save" Ila from Avon.
  • Mium: Naomi very much likes Mium, and persistently treats him like a person, up to the point where it sometimes baffles even Mium (who does not really distinguish between talking to someone face-to-face or remotely). Mium seems to return the favor by going out of his way to help her get what she wants in most cases.
  • Arkady: Friends - they knew each other before she left for a year.
  • Lisa: Friends - they knew each other before she left for a year.
  • Mione: Friends - they knew each other before she left for a year.