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Doctor Mir
Affiliation: Avon
Nationality: Palindra
First Appearance: [3/9/2015]
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A scientist and researcher at the technology company Avon. She appears to have at some point been a human, but somewhere along the way has transferred herself into a artificial body.


Mir is deranged, unstable, and psychopathic. She is devoted to her work, and sees anyone who opposes her work as a threat and anyone who distracts from it a nuisance.

Powers & Abilities

She is apparently durable as survived being thrown across the room without any real injury, but other than that has displayed no powers. When she was human, she was a mage to at least some degree. Since she transferred herself, she has not been seen to using magic even off camera. Can she? Or did she somehow transfer her Eidos key to her latest creation? As a researcher, she was capable producing the F-10 using whatever she was able to salvage from Doctor Martin's work.


  • Peter: Apparently hates Peter and wants to kill him.
  • Doctor Martin: She hates him, and everything he stands for.
  • Ila: Viewed her as a useful testing tool.
  • Mium: Despises Mium and views him as a virus.
  • Gate: Seems to interact fairly normally. She's probably at least his boss - she runs the lab he works in, so he reports to her directly, indirectly, or through a dotted line (the only option for her not being his boss).
  • Ryn: Does not like. She seems to particularly resent that he holds a position that makes him effectively a dotted line boss... or maybe specifically the fact that he's the marketing head; everyone technical hates marketing.