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Tyler Weber
Affiliation: Malsa (MSB)
Nationality: Palindra
First Appearance: [12/23/2014]
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A foreigner to Malsa, he is quite loyal to his adoptive country. Determined, ambitious, upstanding, and generally exceedingly talented both as a mage and a leader, the Bureau recognized his merit, and responded accordingly. Placing him at the head of a new branch, the Magical Security Branch, known as the MSB, tasked with finding, investigating, and enforcing in all matters where the breach of law in magic and dimensional matters is concerned. Unfortunately this is shared turf with the IDS, and they are not fond sharing jurisdiction.

He has occasionally appeared to possibly have an issue delegating, taking point on dangerous matters rather than leaving to someone who the MSB could easier handle being impaired or incapacitated. However, it's possible this is because he is their most potent mage. While there are some who are indisputably more power ful, destructive, dangerous, disorienting, or deadly, nobody walks into a battle space and owns it like Tyler. When you're in a magic fight with someone, and the entire battle space literally freezes over somehow without hurting any living thing, you know two things: Tyler has arrived, and you'd best stand down or at least one living thing will be hurt - specifically, you. Also notable is that none of those just linked are on his team.