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Imagine you find a portal to a strange land with people not too dissimilar to your own, with more sophisticated personal abilities than your people have learned, but with much weaker technology. You want to learn from them to add their strengths to your own, while being careful that your good intentions aren't mistaken for hostile moves. How to best go about this?

If you're Biana Beyer of Situation Containment, you may choose to have your people painstakingly smuggle all of the parts for a giant weapons platform through many iterations of the personal vehicle-sized portals, which you launch into synchronous orbit, and hang above their heads, with at least one rail gun type weapon pointed at the ground, because, let's face it, when you're in synchronous orbit, just dropping a rock just doesn't give it enough momentum to truly level a city like you want it to.

This is SkyHammer.