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Doctor Martin

Possible identities.

  • Peter. While there are obvious time line issues with basically every step of the way, those can be explained away. Doctor Martin may not have actually been present when talking to Rovak, and we do not actually know Peter is with Kally, we just know he was planning on being with her. The evidence is circumstantial though, and mostly limited to that Peter has the service of MYM, and MYM was created by Dr. Martin, as well as that Dr. Martin was apparently very competent and involved with Avon in a suspiciously overlapping time with Peter.
  • From Kor's World. A possible explanation of why he would be so familiar with their technology, but there is currently little evidence to support this, beyond this could be a reason his face isn't shown.
  • Taki's father. Miko's parents are both suspeciously missing, and have the implied amity of Peter and Miko for their experiment on Taki (before she was Miko, which may have made her become Miko). Not much evidence, but an interesting possibility. Would explain why Peter may have sabotaged his experiments and stolen MYM, and why MYM would be able to interface with Miko.
  • Other. The most likely explanation is still that he is an as-of-yet unknown character, still potentially deceased.

Current Status

What is known for sure is that he has been missing from Avon for some time.

Current evidence is unclear if he actually dead. His conversation with Rovak would, on the surface, preclude being dead. But also may have been a hallucination.

Peter Kepler

Peter was once an up and coming star of the IDS. At some point he was arrested and broke out of jail. What happened?

  • Was he framed, and broke out to prove his innocence?
Chapter 1 Page 6 Panel 2 looks a certain amount like an "I didn't do the horrible thing you think I did, and I hadn't thought you had seriously thought I had" face. But the topic was interrupted, and just like in the real world, there's no going back, so now we'll never find out.
  • Was he guilty, but he didn't believe the law was reasonable?
  • Was he guilty, but didn't care about the law?
  • Was he just arrested on suspicion of something someone else did because they both used the impossible calling card and he just couldn't be bothered to stick around long enough to stand trial and be found innocent?
  • Was he arrested because he went rogue, did he go rogue because he was arrested, or were the two unrelated?