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Note: the situation makes the proper pronoun usage a bit tricky. I think I've handled this correctly, but I would appreciate confirmation of this. (Basically, Muim's actions are performed by a male, as he is male. Ila's body parts are female, as she identifies as female.)

Panel 1: Ila from behind, head to butt. He is holding her hand straight out in front of her (the angle only lets us see the fingers, but the arm isn't hanging down at her side.) The remains of the Arpontank are disintegrating in front of them.

Panel 2: A close up of the mass continuing to disintegrate. There is a confirmed tank pilot. It's unclear if they are unconscious or dead, or much about them at all apart from they are wearing some kind of blue uniform.

Panel 3: Kardus from behind, head to upper hamstrings. Ila is in front of him and just a bit to his right, continuing to hold her hand out, as tiny bits of former tank continue disintegrating. At this point, any hope Kardus had of surviving this encounter has been quashed, as he is still here. To survive, he would need to be elsewhere by now.

Kardus, square (thought) bubbles:

What... is... that...? That's not magic. That's just... unfair...
It had boost engines... It was boosted... it should have been almost completely immutable!
Why? WHY can it DO that? I-

Panel 4: Ila head and neck. He has taken notice of Kardus's continued presence.

Panel 5: Kardus, head to waist. He's taken notice of Mium having taken notice. His attitude has very clearly changed from confusion of the turn of events to something more primal. His hand is outstretched before him, and his expression is one of sheer panic.


WAIT! I can be more useful alive than dead!

Panel 6: Kardus, still panicking, his arm now lowered, but he's still clearly terrified.


I don't know what just happened, but I know what you are! I won't try to get in your way!
I won't try to kill that kid! I will help keep him alive!
Information! I can give you information! I got the remote from Rovak!

Panel 6: Ila, head and shoulders. The suffusion of mana particles around them has dispersed.


Mr. Zombie? Hmm. No, that means you don't know what I want to know.



Panel 7: Ila, head to mid chest. He is now holding a small rock in her hand.


... and you don't seem to have an I code. You're pretty useless, even for a kardus.
It seems I still can't just get rid of you though.
I guess that doesn't matter. I was just passing through anyway.

Panel 8: Ila, head and shoulders. Her eyes are closed.


system restore... complete

Panel 9: Ila, head and shoulders, looking a bit more chipper.




Wait! Don't do anything rash! It wanted me alive!

Panel 10: Ila, head and shoulders, right hand raised to about ear height. She looks peeved. She appears to be casting several small spells.


The rock in the hand says otherwise...