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Panel 1: Kalisto Summers, face to elbows. She looks sad or worried. She's walking in a crowd of detail-free silhouettes.

Kalisto, hard rectangular bubble:

Tracking down Peter isn't worth going that far, even if he does know something. If he doesn't want to-

Her phone: *BTZZZ* *BTZZZ*

Panel 2: Kalisto, still in the crowd, looking at her phone.


"You are being followed, Miss IDS"... That doesn't sound like Peter... Hmm.

Panel 3: Kalisto on a mass transit train. Still many silhouettes.

Kalisto, hard rectangular bubbles:

Was it from whomever is following me? A threat? That would be a weird way to go about it...
The director would tell me to lose them... but that won't get me any answers.

Panel 4: Kalisto, face to mid forearms. She's looking ornery. The background is mostly solid white. There's a couple of vertical lines, which might represent closed train doors.

Kalisto, hard rectangular bubble:

This time of day no one else should be getting off here... Let's see what we have on the line.

Panel 5: Three silhouettes are walking behind her, spaced roughly as far apart as the train doors. The platform is otherwise empty. There are a couple of support columns, which suggests a particularly violent confrontation could bring down a roof.

Kalisto, hard rectangular bubbles:

Three. Carrying autocasters and weapons. What an unfriendly city.
This should be easy enough.