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Naomi Atarah sitting on a wall outside of Levenworth Academy. She's leaning forward with her elbows pointing out and her mid forearms on her knees. She has a big smile on her face. She's wearing a Levenworth green (aka mint) dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to her elbows, dark beige shorts, dark beige shoes, ankle-high white socks, and drops of blue paint on her cheeks, fingers, forearms, and the ends of her rolled up sleeves.

Mium Efiate is laying beside her, also on the wall. His eyes are closed, his blue scarf is dangling over the side of the wall. He's wearing a thick shamrock green long-sleeved shirt or sweater and dark khaki pants. His right knee is bent around a 90 degree angle, with his right foot also resting on the wall. His left knee is also bent, with his left mid calf resting on his right knee. Above him, Query is playing the O in Utopia, as part of the comic strip title.

The wall under Naomi and Mium has the name Peter Kepler written in coral (the color) graffiti bubble font, with a coral red border. The wall has a few specks of paint above and beside the name. The P is right between Naomi's legs, and the er in Peter and the Ke in Kepler are right under Mium's head. The name does appear to be dripping a bit of paint as well.

Below that, in the same coral red as the name border, it reads "was here". The "was" is crossed out with one line of blue, which mysteriously matches the blue paint specs on Naomi's face and arms. Still further down, also in blue paint, it says "IS", in a simple handwriting with bold curved strokes for the lines above and below the core of the I. There is an arrow to the right of this, which points right, to where Peter Kepler is standing casually, leaning against the wall casually. He oddly enough has a spec of coral paint on his cheek, the cuffs of his Levenworth green shirt, a couple of places on the sleeves, on the parts of his hands not in his pants pockets, and a bit on his pants.

Chapter 1