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Panel 1: Head to waist of a projection of a general.


We detected... something of an anomaly. A high speed object, almost entirely invisible to technology, but with a massive mana signature.
We thought it might be a mage, but it was well over supersonic, so that doesn't seem likely... and it was headed toward Arpon.

Panel 2: Peter Kepler, head and shoulders.


Hmmm. I don't suppose... it... was headed toward wherever someone named Arkady is deployed... was it?

Panel 3: The general's projection, M.Y.M.'s logo, and The Consul, head to chest.


...Ah- you are?

Madame Consul:

It's fine, General. Answer.


Well, yes, I suppose his location would be in its trajectory...

Panel 4: Peter, head and shoulders. He's looking slightly unhappy.

Panel 5: M.Y.M.'s logo, as expressionless as always.

Panel 6: Peter, from behind, head to low back.


Whatever. You probably don't need to spend a lot of time worrying about it.
I wouldn't use the word "harmless", but more like "not pointed at you".

Panel 7: The Consul, forehead to tongue.


Kepler, if you know something... Is this something like SkyHammer? Or something of yours?

Panel 8: Peter, head and shoulders, the computer M.Y.M. is in for this meeting, Tamara Anseli in the distance, seated at her place at the conference room table, and the Consul, in profile, head to mid-biceps.


Not anything from the I.D.S., and I wouldn't really say it's something of mine. Arkady seems to have loyal friends.
I would recommend keeping him out of too much danger in the future, or things might get messy. Anyway... I'll be late for class, so I'll be going now.

Panel 9: Tamara, forehead to nose.