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Panel 1: Kardus nose to thighs, Ila head to mid-torso,

Mium, in square bubbles superimposed over Kardus:

-Kardus Velzor. Warmage.
-Survival priority updated: very low
Error is [a human.]
-Create new definition: [a Kardus].
-Reclassifying from [a human] to [a Kardus].


Hmm? What is this?

Panel 2: Mium, head to waist.


Just updating some records based on new findings.
I found Mr. Arkady. Removing dust simulation.

Panel 3: Ila, head to mid chest.


Uh... is he dead?

Mium, in a square bubble like panel 1:

- Status: alive


...Okay, I'm just going to ignore how you could possibly know any of this, because my head already hurts.

Panel 4: Arkady laying on his back on rubble, feet to nose. He looks very uncomfortable.


I merely reconstructed the dust draft pattern to determine where a human shaped thing passed through it high velocity.

Ila: I said... going to ignore that. Now what do we do? I need to save him...

Panel 5: The Arpon heavy tank standing casually by the bus on its side, holding an I-beam like an unreadied club.


...and I think that thing might be about to shoot him or something.

Mium, in a square bubble:

-Arpon magic-equipped heavy tank.
-About to shoot Mr. Arkady or something.




What? I was agreeing with you, Miss Sister.

Panel 6: Ila, head and upper chest.


Mium! This isn't funny! Do something about it!
I don't want this human to die.

Panel 7: Mium, head and upper chest, right arm off-panel.


It definitely is suboptimal, but seems increasingly likely.
I may have made an error in how I motivated you to go save him.

Panel 8: Ila, head to upper thighs, left arm off panel, right arm out and gesturing.


While normally I would be delighted to have you admit you made an error, now is not the time to stop being infallible.
This human is the only thing that was nice to me by choice. You literally have to be nice to me, and I don't think Naomi is capable of being mean to cute things.
So tell me what you have to do to save this human.

Panel 9: Mium, head to waist. He's looking concerned.


I am not infallible, Miss Ila. I don't have the processing power.
Additionally, I can only directly affect the world near something I can access.
The only thing close enough to matter is you - the eff ten - but if I rebooted you onto it, you'd just shut down again.
Even if I can fix that, Arkady has less than half a second.