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Welcome to the Far Side of Utopia wiki.

This is a hub for information on The Far Side of Utopia webcomic! It is extremely implausible you have gotten here without knowing what that is is, but just in case... you can read it here!

Disclaimer! This wiki contains reader-contributed content. This should be interpretated to mean that it includes spoilers up to the most recent page, theories of varied substantiation, and content that may not be moderated. Reader discretion is advised.

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World Information

The term "world" and "dimension" are frequently used interchangeably. Alternate worlds can be accessed via "gates" that manipulate the dimensional coordinates of the material within the gate, moving everything within it to a matched location on another world. While it is understood that dimensional coordinates are related to spacial coordinates, the exact nature of them is either not widely understood, or not widely disclosed within the setting.

Another type of connection between worlds called the "bridgepoint" has been mentioned, which is a stable gate through which matter can be continuously delivered, and is a vastly more efficient connection than the standard transfer gates, but requires a very complicated fusion of technology and magic to maintain.

The difficult to travel between worlds varies, and each world has set of neighboring dimensions to which traveling is vastly easier, akin to hopping between islands. More information about the adjacent worlds is known the certain characters and organizations, but has not been revealed in detail beyond that there are at least several worlds that the IDS is aware of. Some speculate the total number of world dimensions to unbounded, but theories abound on the subject. Certainly there is a finite number of worlds that can be accessed from any given world, and the number of worlds that can be accessed the ease of access seems to vary.

The mentioned worlds include:

  • Palindra. World where most of the story is set.
  • "Central". World from which the IDS originate from.
  • Kor’s World. World mentioned frequently. An incursion group from Kor's World has made an appearance in Malsa on Palindra.

Setting Information